By investing in human resources and equipment the academic activity of the Textile and Fashion Department is focused not only in education, but as well in scientific research. The staff has actively participated in many national and international projects funded by both foreign institutions and the Albanian government.
List of projects DTF has been participating in:
– Research study on the light industry in Albania (Ministry of Industry, 1995)
– Study on consumer preferences (ISPIL, 1996)
– Study on consumer demands (USIS, 1998)
– Study on the quality of Albanian woolen fibers (Albanian Government, 2005)
– Study on the Albanian standards for textiles in cooperation with DPS (2003-continuing)
– Digitalization in garment design (2006)
– National project on anthropometric measurements for the new uniforms of Albanian police state (2007).
– Technical and didactic capacity growth of the Textile and Fashion Department in the field of quality control of textiles and products made with textiles (World Bank, 2007)
– Mapping of the resources for natural raw materials for the textile industry in Albania (Albanian Government, National Projects, 2007-continuing)
– Quality and Equity Project in High Education
– Capacity Enhancement for the Textile and Fashion Department (World Bank, European Bank for Development and Albanian Government)
– FP6 RETEXRESALAB – Reinforcement of human and material capacities of textile research
center in Albania (European Commission 2007-2009).
– Quality and Equity in High Education – Improvement of the CAD/CAM Laboratory at the Department of Textile and Fashion for Garment Design and Production (World Bank, European Bank for Development and Albanian Government)
– Increase of productivity for the Albanian Garment manufacturers in Albania (GIZ, 2010)
– Competitive Enterprise Development in Albania (USAID, 2010 – 2013)

The Textile and Fashion Department has both the human and equipment capacities to offer the following services:
– Projects for the raw material production, textiles, garment and footwear production
– Technical consulting for textiles, garment and footwear factories
– Cooperation with other institutions that are focused on scientific research
– Knowledge and assistance in the field of style and fashion in Albania
– Quality control on: raw materil, textiles, garments and footwear