In the period between 2005 and 2006 Department of Textile and Fashion successfully applied the two cycle system (undergraduate and graduate) as stated in the Bologna Declaration. The undergraduate level (Bachelor’s degree) includes teaching modules in the following categories:

      • Engineering-based modules
      • Professional-based modules
      • General knowledge modules

In the graduate level (Bachelor) the student may choose one of three optional modules for further study:

      • Textile Technology and Management
      • Garment Production and Fashion Design
      • Chemical Finishing and Dyeing

Subject specific studies will start in the 2nd semester of the first year and will continue until the 6th semester (3rd year). The undergraduate level will conclude with a submission of a thesis for the Bachelor’s degree. After the completion of the undergraduate’s level, the students have the choice to continue their studies, for the next two years, in the graduate level of their desired field, in order to obtain the Master’s degree.
The DTM study program also includes a Master of Science degree level in the following subjects:

      • Professional Master in Fashion Design, part-time, 60 ECTS
      • Professional Master Textile Engineering and Fashion, 90 ECTS
      •  PHD in Textile Materials
      • Tailored courses on the subjects of CAD/CAM, Quality Control and Industrial Engineering